Merry Christmas

“It’s the Breast Christmas Ever!”

– Channel 955

Hope you haven’t been naughty this year. If you have, you might not get what you want from Santa; a boob job! Fortunately, a radio station in Northern Detroit is getting you off the hook with the big guy. All you have to do is enter and win their popularity contest which consists of getting people to call in and vote for you. When you win you will receive, along with bragging rights, a shiny new pair of breasts courtesy of Dr. Michael Gray and The Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Women from all over the city are putting themselves out there to be deemed worthy by the general public to get a free breast augmentation. This includes pictures on the radio stations website, along with pleading messages from each of the girls stating why they should be chosen to have the “Breast Christmas Ever.” In addition to that, several Facebook groups have been started urging people to go to the website and vote for them.

As if this is all some people are thinking about during the holiday season. Full grown women, some who are mothers, are wanting nothing more than big boobs for Christmas. They plead that they do not feel comfortable in their own skin, they feel ugly and unworthy. Well, sorry ladies, bigger breasts is not going to make that feeling go away.

Acceptance of ones own body is a much deeper and more complicated issue than they are making it out to be. If simply  increasing the size of ones breasts was all it took to feel good in your own skin, everyone would be doing it. Its not that easy. For some it is a life-long struggle.

Take, for example, the stunning Jessica Simpson. She has publicly stated in words and through song that she struggles with her body image. If someone as outwardly beautiful as she is has issues, then we are all in trouble. Clearly, beauty or big breasts doesn’t make you content with yourself; it all starts from inside.

So lets all give ourselves a little break today and start loving ourselves for what we are, no improvements needed!

And thats why I love you, Channel 955. Keep on spreading that great message.



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